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Steven Bryant

Steven F. Bryant

Founder, CDFA

Steven F. Bryant is our highly regarded Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® (CDFA), and investment advisor. He brings a unique blend of professional and personal experience to the table. A graduate of Quinnipiac University, Steven's journey into the world of divorce settlement analysis is rooted in his own life experiences. When his parents divorced, he witnessed firsthand the emotional and financial toll it can take on families. From that moment, he made it his mission to pave a smoother path for those going through similar situations.
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Our approach at Synergy Divorce Solutions is centered on providing transparent advice and comprehensive solutions—because our goal is to help you secure your financial future. We're here to offer a fresh perspective, committed to helping you look beyond the immediate turmoil and toward a more stable post-divorce life.

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You're going through a lot, and we understand how stressful divorce can be. At Synergy Divorce Solutions, we turn complex financial jargon into simple, approachable language, empowering you to make informed, confident decisions about your future and your finances.

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Synergy Divorce Solutions in the Media

Our work hasn't gone unnoticed. We've been making waves in the media, gaining recognition for our innovative approach to divorce financial planning. Our CDFA's unique strategies and commitment to our clients' financial stability have earned us a strong reputation throughout Annapolis, Baltimore, and Washington, D.C.

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Family Law & Finance:
What You Need to Know

In divorce cases, the most contentious issues usually revolve around finances. Spouses often fear for their financial security post-divorce. From tax liabilities to Maryland's equitable division laws, our CDFA is here to explain what you need to know to navigate your divorce with confidence.

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Efficient & Creative Solutions Tailored to Your Budget

We understand that every divorce or separation is unique, and so are the financial challenges that come with them. At Synergy Divorce Solutions, we provide invaluable advisement throughout the divorce process. Through comprehensive financial analysis and planning, we visually demonstrate to our clients what an equitable settlement agreement would look like based on their unique circumstances. When individuals can visually see that they are receiving a fair agreement, it empowers them to move forward with the process with efficiency and peace of mind.

With Synergy Divorce Solutions, you're not just getting through your divorce — you're setting the foundation for a financially secure life post-divorce. We don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Our divorce financial advisor is skilled at devising solutions that are customized to your specific needs and budget constraints. Trust our CDFA to help you turn this challenging chapter into a gateway for a fresh start. Begin your journey today with a free consultation. No strings attached. No nonsense. Just sound guidance and information on how we can help you achieve your goals.