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Divorce Planning, Financial Mediation & Settlement Analysis in Annapolis, Maryland

Divorcing spouses usually have plenty to disagree about; money shouldn't be one of them. Divorce settlement agreements come down to numbers, and the numbers don’t lie. They can be analyzed to determine how fair or unfair any settlement offer would be. 

That’s why divorcing spouses should seek the guidance of a financial professional experienced in divorce settlements. While attorneys are essential to the process, they generally do not possess the financial skills to assess the short & long-term consequences of the divorce settlements they help negotiate.

Synergy Divorce Solutions concentrates in analyzing divorce settlement offers and identifying unconscionable disparities. With our firm working together with your divorce counsel, you will have on your side knowledgeable advocates who are dedicated to achieving an equitable outcome for you and your family.

We approach the finances of divorce comprehensively, taking into account income, expenses, inflation, assets and liabilities – including tax liabilities – now and in the future.  In light of these factors, we analyze and quantify settlement offers to forecast the impact they would have on each party’s financial future.  We then present this analysis in a format that everyone involved can understand.    

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We thus work to empower spouses and their divorce counsel with the information and insight they need to achieve an equitable and favorable result.

There are four steps to achieving this goal. 

  1. Pre-Divorce Planning: In step one of our process, we first meet with clients to assess their situation and educate them on the various methods of divorce. We help our clients to decide which method of divorce will be most efficient considering their situation, and inform them of all professionals that will be needed throughout the divorce process.

  2. Organize Divorce Team & Financial Information: Once our client has decided what method of divorce to pursue, we gather all professionals that will be needed throughout the divorce process relevant to our clients situation. After this, we help our clients collect and document all pertinent financial data needed to perform our services, as well as all other information that will be needed for the other professionals involved. We then use this information to create our clients financial statements with all of the back up information to support.

  3. Analyze: After we have gathered all financial information needed to perform our services, we then assist our clients with financial mediation if the divorce is amicable, or with settlement analysis if the divorce is non-amicable. Using this financial data, we create financial reports with graphs that visually display the implications a settlement offer would have on both spouses financial future, net of all tax implications, as well as our clients budget increased by inflation. By doing this, we are able to create equitable settlement agreements for our clients OUTSIDE OF COURT.

    1. Mediation - In our mediation process we assist not only our client, but also their spouse in collaboratively working together in order to divide the spouses marital property equitably, net of all tax implications.

    2. Settlement Analysis - In our settlement analysis process we assist strictly our client and their divorce counsel in analyzing the implications a settlement offer would have on their financial future, net of all tax implications.

  4. Plan for the Future: Working with wealth management teams around the area, we provide complimentary financial plans for our clients using our created settlement agreement that answer the question “If I receive this settlement agreement, will I be financially secure moving forward?”