Our Clients

" I am a recent client of Synergy Divorce Solutions. My husband and I recently divorced after many years of marriage. My ex-husband and I are both nearing retirement age and were looking for a fair, amicable way to divide our assets. 

The legal climate around divorce typically creates hostility and mistrust between people who are already struggling with difficult emotions. The Synergy Divorce Solutions team provided a neutral forum where we could objectively discuss our circumstances and potential cost effective solutions. Their personal experience and professional knowledge provided us with valuable insights about ways to retain the highest percentage of our assets throughout the process. As a result we were able to avoid unnecessary legal fees. They provided a clear picture of the financial impact of our decisions and helped guide us to an amicable solution at a reasonable price. 

I highly recommend this service!" 

- Steph C. 


" Divorce is an emotional and complicated time in one's life, especially when children and finances are involved. The Synergy team's confident demeanor and ability to communicate my financial expectations made the biggest difference in getting everyone involved to start thinking equitably rather then strictly in terms of marital property. In addition, their specific skill set enhanced the justification for a mutually beneficial child support award. Without the help of Steven and the professionals at Synergy, I truly believe we would still be battling though the court process" 

- Charlie B. 


" Steven at Synergy was absolutely wonderful! He is a great listener and extremely knowledgeable. He helped a tough situation become less stressful. Steven was always ready to answer a phone or e-mail. You can tell he really cares about what he does and his clients. I can't thank him enough for the peace of mind he gave me." 

- Katie R. 

" Steven was very helpful to my ex-spouse and I when we were mediating our divorce. Steven brought an objective view to our financial situation. This allowed us to negotiate and mediate based on facts and figures rather than just pulling figures out of the air.

Please remember, attorneys do play an important legal role, but they are not financial experts. The services Steven provides are valuable and much less expensive than having the attorneys handle the financial part. My advice is to let Steven handle the financial part, and the attorneys handle the legal part. I highly recommend Steven based on his ability and professionalism.

- Signed, a highly satisfied client”

Featured Story!!!

We are proud to announce that our firm was featured as the cover story in the Family Law Edition of the Maryland Daily Record!