We answer the most important question in divorce "Am I going to be ok Moving Forward"

Divorce can be an emotionally painful, time consuming, and very expensive experience if not approached the correct way.  At Synergy Divorce Solutions our goal is to remove the emotions as best as possible, making divorce an intellectual and step by step process, in order to arrive at a financially equitable settlement for our clients. We bring together relevant professionals based on our clients needs, in order to create a "Divorce Team" that will achieve the best results possible in a time and cost efficient manner. Our firm is located in Baltimore, Maryland but we have worked with clients all over the DMV area!

We know from experience that divorce can be overwhelming. Understandably, some people want to get through it as quickly as possible. For the sake of expediency, they may be tempted to accept inequitable settlements that put their financial future at risk, this temptation should be resisted! 

With a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® and proven process,  divorcing spouses can achieve a more just result in an efficient, quantifiable, and collaborative manner, saving unnecessary time, money and most importantly emotional pain. 

Our firm is one of the only boutique financial firms in Baltimore, Maryland that concentrates strictly on Divorce Planning, Financial Mediation & Settlement Analysis Services. With an experienced Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®, we assist divorcing spouses and any other divorce professionals in preparing, assessing, and negotiating settlement offers. Our work empowers our clients and their attorneys with the financial and graphic analysis needed to avoid any unconscionable disparities in divorce settlement agreements! This will also equip our clients with the information they need, to avoid making decisions that could negatively impact their financial future.  

In doing this, our firm looks to assist divorcing spouses by equitably dividing their marital property OUTSIDE OF COURT, saving our clients from unnecessary time, money, and emotional stress throughout the process. Our services include Divorce Planning, Financial Mediation and Settlement Analysis Services. Our firm also works together with several wealth management teams that will assist our clients with "Planning for the future" once their divorce process is settled. 

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